Turnbull War Memorial Park – Image via Belly Rumbles

Guiding Pillars of Milne Bay Development Plan

Milne Bay Development IPDP Plan 2016-2020 is embedded within the guiding principle of the Constitution. The directives and goals of the Constitution form the broad objectives of MBDP 2016-2020 in the following ways.

Integral Human Development
Integral human development is essential in the province to provide all citizens with the opportunity to achieve their potential. Quality education for all and a world class health system are key elements of the MBDSP for human development, helping to develop a highly skilled workforce and equipping Milne Bay entrepreneurs with the skills they need to grow their businesses.

Equality and Participation
All citizens of the province should have equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the nation’s development. Prosperity in rural areas of the province is a major emphasis of the Milne Bay DSP 2015-2015, because the vast majority of citizens live in rural areas of the province. The MBDSP specifies how service delivery to rural areas will be achieved, including transport services, electricity, and education, health and business assistance.

National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance
All Milne Bay people will endure prosperity and self-reliance growing of provinces rural economic and political success. Good governance and broad based growth will help build MBP into a prosperous province including by facilitating investors. Among other things, Milne Bay prosperity will alleviate the provinces reliance on national grants.

Natural Resources, Resource Creation and Environment
Milne Bay Province is well endowed with a wealth of natural resources. These resources must be managed sustainably to ensure they benefit both future and current generations. In particular, resource revenues need to be focused on nation building, while at the same time protecting the environment.

Papua New Guinean Ways
Milne Bay Province has a rich heritage of traditional wisdom and knowledge, reflecting the greatest cultural diversity. Milne Bay’s development will be fostered in ways that learn from and build upon our cultural heritage.